This site is largely intended to be an online CV but since it’s delivered in blog form courtesy of WordPress software, it may actually morph into a real blog some day when I find something compelling to share with folks.

I am the prototypical early-stage startup “junkie”, pulled by the adrenaline rush of working with really smart teams as they discover ways to change the world. The risks are always high at this stage but I thrive on the intensity and dynamics of these fledgling ventures whose bright futures are unconstrained by the realities of established businesses. Longs days, 24×7 commitment and the unrelenting challenge of doing the impossible on a “capital-efficient” budget are the quid pro quo for the opportunity to make a difference.

My role typically is to provide the seasoned executive management that complements the thought leadership of the technical team. Working closely with the engineering team to refine product features, developing and honing the first marketing messages, orchestrating the initial product launch, making the first customers sales calls and raising capital defines the role of a hands-on CEO in an early-stage startup.