Clustra Systems Inc. (Acquired by Sun Microsystems)
I successfully drove the growth of Clustra Systems from a 12-person, research-focused Scandinavian startup to a leader in the emerging market for fault-tolerant, 24×7 database systems that ran on commodity open systems. Under my management, the product evolved from a research prototype to a full-featured, robust SQL RDBMS that provided the basis for closing a $22 million Series B venture capital investment round. Even during the challenging period of unprecedented retrenchment in IT spending in 2000 and 2001, we were developing a credible pipeline of prospective customers. As sales cycles lengthened and the prospects for a Series C round diminished, I rapidly down-sized the company to reflect deteriorating economic conditions. When it became obvious that we were not going to meet our sales objectives and that future VC investments were problematic on reasonable terms, I recommended to our board of directors that we sell the company. I subsequently engineered the sale of Clustra to Sun Microsystems, closing the deal in early 2002. Clustra’s investors were able to recover a significant portion of their investment in a very difficult M&A market, 40 employees were successfully integrated into Sun’s engineering organization and the Clustra technology became the key market differentiator for Sun’s current J2EE server.

Investors: Vantage Point Venture Partners, Argo Global Capital, Mustang Ventures (Siemens), Sun Microsystems and Clarity Capital.

Angara Database Systems Inc.
As Angara’s first VP of Marketing, I led the development of a comprehensive marketing effort to position the Angara Data Server as an early market leader in a new segment—main-memory database systems—in the data management market. I built a small marketing team that created a new corporate identity, a positioning and messaging platform, a new Web and print collateral system and launched the product with exceptional response from the online and print media. Building on that market awareness foundation, I developed a telemarketing program that delivered over 65 qualified leads in less than a quarter.

Investors: Kleiner Perkins, JMI Equity, Vantage Point Venture Partners, Venture Strategy Partners, et al.

SHOgraphics Inc.
At SHOgraphics, I built a marketing team and programs that established SHOgraphics as the market leader for high-performance, 3-D graphics solutions using the open systems PEX technology. Recognizing the need for coordinated efforts to compete against the market dominance of proprietary systems from Silicon Graphics, I led the industry-wide marketing efforts of the PEX Consortium that included BM, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment, Tektronics and other major players in 3-D graphics market. As the market began shifting towards an integrated desktop deployment model for 3-D graphics, I successfully drove SHOgraphics’ product strategy away from the Unix platform preferred by the engineering team to a Windows-based solution.

Investors: Sequoia Capital, Alpha Partners.

ANTs Software Inc.
As interim President and COO at ANTs Software, a pre-revenue software company, I developed a focused marketing and sales program that aligned the product positioning and corporate messaging with the core product features as a foundation for a successful product launch. This was followed by a targeted telesales campaign that filled a virtually empty sales pipeline with several dozen qualified leads.

Investors: Public (OTC-BB).