Open IoT Foundation  (2015)
Co-Founder and Managing Director
The Open IoT Foundation is a nonprofit created to educate consumers about the promises and perils of the Internet of Things.

Good Karma Now Limited  (2011 – 2013)
Good Karma Now is a social enterprise startup providing a smartphone giving service to help nonprofits capture the inspiration to give…anywhere, anytime.

Velograf Systems Inc.  (2009 – 2014)
Velograf is a startup developing a social data analytics products using advanced graph-based data management and analysis software technology.

Knowledge Reef Systems Inc.   (2007 – 2009)
CEO and Co-Founder
An early-stage mode startup developing an advanced resource recommendation service for researchers.

Paremus Ltd   (2005 – 2006)
CEO (Interim)

Recruited by founder and lead investor to head London-based enterprise software startup.

  • Drove transition from a mixed consulting/product company to a highly focused packaged product company.
  • Developed completely new marketing messaging that uniquely positioned product in emerging SOA platform market.
  • Down-sized company to map burn rate to potential revenue and investor ‘appetite’.

iSpheres Corporation  (2004)
VP of Marketing (Interim)

Recruited by VC investors to assist in major re-structuring of infrastructure software startup.

  • Developed focused product strategy to define clear product positioning in the crowded middleware market.
  • Implemented marketing programs to re-launch product and refresh sales pipeline.

ANTs Software Inc.   (2003)
President and COO (Interim)
Retained by pre-revenue specialty database company to provide product direction and establish sales and marketing programs.

  • Refocused product strategy to reinforce core technical competencies and product differentiation.
  • Established product positioning and developed go-to-market programs. Successfully launched product with solid press coverage.
  • Implemented demand creation programs and sales processes to grow pipeline from a handful of leads to several dozen prospects and opportunities in financial services, telco and online retail.

Sun Microsystems Inc.   (2002)
Senior Director, HA Data Management
Led post-acquisition integration of Clustra Systems team.

  • Successfully integrated 40 people and technology into Sun product organization.
  • Assisted in the development of corporate data management strategy.
  • Ensured the smooth transition to new management team.

Clustra Systems Inc.   (1999 – 2002)                       Acquired by Sun Microsystems
President and CEO
Recruited as VP of Marketing by U.S. venture capital investors (Vantage Point, Argo Global Capital, Sun, Siemens, et al) to provide marketing direction and bring Silicon Valley management skills to European database startup. Immediately assumed de facto COO role and was quickly promoted to President and CEO.

  • Developed sales and marketing programs to increase awareness of innovative, fault-tolerant database technology.
  • Built sales organization that developed significant pipeline of prospects in the face of extremely difficult conditions in target markets – financial services and telecommunications.
  • Raised $22 million in Series B round including pro rata participation by Series A investors. New investors included Sun Microsystems and Mustang Ventures (Siemens).
  • Revised product strategy to meet requirements of market demanding continuously available data management solutions.
  • Recruited and built an executive team to deliver new product to market. Pre-launch staffing reached 128 in early 2001.
  • Rapidly reacted to changes in market conditions and product development delays at remote development operation by downsizing several times to meet deteriorating economic environment.
  • Recognized fund-raising difficulties and marketing challenges of selling new technology into a risk-averse IT market, negotiated sale of company to Sun Microsystems.

Angara Database Systems Inc.   (1998 – 1999)
Vice President, Marketing
Recruited to build a marketing team and programs to launch Angara’s first product. Angara was a VC-funded (Kleiner Perkins, Vantage Point, et al) database startup before being merged with Personify in 2001.

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive marketing plan that launched a new product and helped to create the market segment for main-memory, SQL-compliant databases.
  • Built an experienced marketing team that created a comprehensive new corporate identity, extended the company from telecommunications to the Internet market, delivered a complete set of Web and print collateral to support the new messages and launched a partner program.
  • Implemented a Web-based lead generation process supported by an outbound telemarketing team that built a sales prospect pipeline from a handful of leads to over 65 qualified Internet leads in 90 days.

Sapia Software Inc.  (1997 – 1998)
Marketing Consultant
Provided strategic and tactical marketing services to early-stage, enterprise software startups.

  • Retained as interim VP of Marketing for a VC-funded Java tools startup to build marketing programs and launch first product (Infoscape)
  • Delivered competitive positioning and pricing analysis to desktop systems management startup (Shaman).
  • Provided strategic positioning analysis for Internet service level management startup (Resonate)
  • Developed business plan and collateral material to support VC fund-raising efforts for several pre-funded startups.

Informix Software, Inc.   (1995 – 1997)
Director, Technical Services, Global Channels and Partners Marketing
Managed staff of 30+ sales/marketing engineers and managers.

  • Developed global technical marketing programs including information delivery services.
  • Provided technical account support to key ISV, platform and systems integration partners.
  • Developed initial strategy and implementation plan for Informix Developer Network.

Director, Systems Engineering
Recruited to manage rapid growth of technical sales support organization for the Western Region and indirect channel sales organizations.

  • Grew staff from less than 25 to 55 systems engineers and eight managers.
  • Played leadership role in reaching $100 million regional sales goal.

Sun Microsystems Inc.  (1994 – 1995)
District Systems Engineering Manager
Managed eight technical pre-sales engineers in the San Francisco district.

SHOgraphics Inc.   (1991 – 1993)
Vice President, Marketing
Recruited to develop marketing organization in a VC-funded (Sequoia Capital) 3-D graphics startup.

  • Successfully launched industry’s first high-performance PEX terminal at SIGGRAPH ’92.
  • Played a key role in fund-raising leading to a second round closing of $5 million.
  • Instrumental in driving product strategy to the emerging 3D PC graphics market.
  • Became public spokesperson for PEX industry consortium driving open graphics standard.

Sun Microsystems Inc.   (1988 – 1991)
Group Marketing Manager, OpenWindows / Graphics Software
Managed staff of twelve product line managers, product managers and marketing engineers.

  • Successfully launched new 3D graphics software product (XGL).
  • Developed strategy for Sun’s Open Graphics Initiative.
  • Managed creation and delivery of product collateral, sales training and sustaining marketing materials to worldwide sales force.

Group Engineering Manager, Graphics Software Programs
Managed staff of eight in release engineering and program management groups.

Manager, Application Software
Managed business development support team in Sun’s first commercial systems group.

Navigation Technologies Inc.   (1987)
Director, Interactive Graphics Software
Recruited to build a graphics engineering organization in a GIS startup. NAVTEQ is now the industry leader in digital navigation for Internet mapping services.

Apollo Computer Inc.   (1982 – 1987)
Regional Systems Engineering Manager / Sales Representative / Systems Engineer
Provided leadership role in defining and establishing field-level technical support organization.

PAX Data Services Inc.   (1980 – 1982)
Vice President / Co-Founder
Bootstrap startup operation developing clinical pharmacy software for hospitals.

Data General Corporation   (1979)
Systems Engineer

U.S. Government   (1971 – 1978)
IT Manager / Programmer / Accounting Manager / Financial Analyst