“When I led the Vantage Point investment in Clustra Systems, I knew we needed to bring a database marketing expert on board to ensure we realized the full value of our investment in the innovative Clustra technology. Gary easily met that objective and also provided proven, Silicon Valley executive management skills that were critical to moving the company from a research mode to a market-driven product company. His leadership and hands-on management of marketing and development teams across two continents, plus his negotiating skills, were essential to our obtaining a positive outcome at Clustra.”
Matt Ocko, Managing Director, Archimedes Capital
General Partner (Retired), Vantage Point Venture Partners

“I worked closely with Gary as a board member of Clustra Systems. He brings with him the ideal ‘tool set’ for managing an early-stage startup. As a proactive and involved manager with the right balance of technical, marketing and sales skills essential at this stage, Gary provided excellent leadership in moving Clustra from a technology spin-off of Telenor to a leader in the fault-tolerant database market.”
John Kain, Managing Director, Vantage Point Venture Partners

“The Clustra technology was an important part of our product strategy for the enterprise edition of the Sun J2EE server. It was absolutely critical that the engineering team be integrated into Sun as quickly as possible after the acquisition of Clustra Systems. Gary met this challenge and we were able to meet our technology integration schedule.”
Mark Tolliver, former EVP Marketing & Strategy, Sun Microsystems

“Gary has an excellent grasp of the critical issues driving technology decisions in enterprise IT markets. His ability to understand how to position enterprise software and systems products in these markets adds real value to an early-stage startup preparing an initial product launch.”
Ken Schroeder, former CEO, Resonate / CrossLogix

“The executive team is always a critical factor when we make an investment decision and we were confident Gary had the skills and experience to lead the Clustra team. My subsequent interactions with him when I was a board observer confirmed that assessment. Gary worked effectively with all members of the Clustra Systems board to ensure they were well-informed on critical matters and organized board meetings to maximize the value from these sessions.”
Louis Rajczi, Investment Partner, Siemens Venture Capital

“I was on Gary’s executive team at Clustra Systems as CFO and VP of Finance. His management style reflected the delicate balance he struck between his active involvement in all aspects of the company with the support and freedom to operate he provided to his managers to ensure our success. Gary is definitely a CEO I would like to work with again.”
Greg Capitolo, CFO, Tectura